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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Democracy Disgrace - Operation "Majnu"

Watching the police beating young couples in public parks on TV was one digusting sight. Under the name Operation "Majnu" police has taken up the task of "social" goons, or rather goondas. Here is what happened on 20 Dec for those who don't know - a bunch of policemen in Meerut "raided" a public park and started beating young couples, esp girls, who had come there to whatsoever reason. And as a publicity stunt they had even brought press with them, which proved out to be too costly later. They supported their nonsense action by saying that they were stopping "illicit affairs" and eve teasing.What I dont understand is that will a girl go to a park, sit there and get teased? I mean, this is the worst possibility of eve teasing. And has the Indian law banned affairs? If that's the case then I think around 70% youngsters of all metropolis deserve to be chased and beaten......pathetic! Now, what should have been the motto behind this operation that's in force for the past 2 yrs? I don't find any! (if anyone of you thinks there is some pls leave it in comments.I'll be indebted to you) . Is this sheer sadism of the police or an example or "what we can do?"A young couple (I guess Amit & Anshu) have gone missing after this incident (this was yesterday night. I'm not sure if they are found). Who would be responsible for this? And by the way where the hell is "democracy"??? A government "for the people"! HAHAHA! What a joke on democracy this incident is? Freedom of speech, expression, blah wonder I remember very few!I think people responsible for this should not just be suspened but their service be terminated. And personally, yesterday night when I saw the footage of what happened, I was just aghast. It took me few moments to understand what was happening!It was best of the brutal! The police have once again stood up to their name! Kudos to them!


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